Take Back Control
of Your Life

Substance Use Disorder
Treatment Services

We help people rebuild their lives.


We provide both clinically and medically monitored 24/7 care, utilizing over-the counter medications and short-term use of prescriptions to help alleviate potentially dangerous side effects.


Based on social learning theory blended with behavioral modification, cognitive restructuring, insight-orientated therapy, and collective recovery.


The program is designed to help establish supports, facilitate relapse management, and instill coping strategies.

Recovery Housing

Odyssey Village provides a number of safe, structured therapeutic recovery housing options that support a lifestyle of lasting recovery

We Are Here to Help!

The Odyssey program is designed to be inclusive, not exclusive. Our participants are diverse—culturally, economically and politically. The unique blend creates a therapeutic community that is experientially and educationally essential to the treatment process. Each person no matter their race, ethnicity, gender or economic back ground brings their own unique talent and story to the Village.

Why Choose Us?

The Odyssey program is designed to be inclusive, not exclusive

Detoxification around the clock care with 24/7 nurse monitoring. Recovery coaches are available to help assist you in making the next steps to you overall recovery. The Odyssey Village is a drug-free comprehensive recovery community that serves as a microcosm of society. Our holistic approach challenges participants to be economically self reliant, develop positive character, and become spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy in a lifestyle of sobriety.


I completed 2 months here which was more than I intended. it seems hard at first but its all worth it in the end. Stick and stay.
Flint Odyssey House gave me my mother back and a nice life. It taught my mom how to be a mother. No other rehab worked the staff are nice and loving and they made things fun.
A behavior modification program and therapy to give people an opportunity to get their life back.