Judianne Densen-Gerber J.D.,M.D.


Judianne Densen-Gerber J.D.,M.D. was a true pioneer in substance abuse rehabilitation. Both a psychiatrist and an attorney her presence and contributions still permeate the halls of the Odyssey programs across the world. A paradigmist and visionary before her time, she believed that addicts could be transformed into productive and successful citizens in society. Her theories suggested that drug-abuse was only symptom to an underlying psycho-social spiritual pathology. She beleived that addicts use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. Thus, through hands on focus group after focus group, case work after case work, she developed the first psychiatrically-oriented program for drug addiction. Her program implemented peer accountability, character development, spiritual transformation, and life-skill education. Her theories have been proven successful with 80% of Odyssey Graduates remaining drug and alcohol free.


Executive Director - Ronald S. Brown


• Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leader Award Recipient

Ronald S. Brown is the Executive Director of the Odyssey Village. Brown has been called the "Apostle of the Odyssey Method of Treatment". Brown epitomizes the success of the program. Brown a 1979 graduate is the only director that the late Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, the founder of the Odyssey House, willed the rights and intellectual properties of the Odyssey Institute to The Flint Odyssey House, Inc. Brown had a 25 year apprenticeship program with Densen-Gerber J.D., M.D. He has now taken on the mantle to finish her life-long work. Brown continues to fight for long-term residential treatment. He was the first to advocate for substance abuse treatment funding to protect unborn infants of pregnant addicts. Brown took crying babies and pregnant mothers to Lansing to fight for the rights of their unborn infants to be born drug-free. He won, Odyssey now has the first state-sanctioned and funded residential treatment program for Women and Children. Mr. Brown continues to fight for individuals and families that need a supportive nurturing environment for treatment. Odyssey has continued to keep its doors open to aid vulnerable families whether they have an ability to pay or not. He carries on the fight with passion for the Odyssey Methodology.